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Cup to Cup Brand Building

Bring your brands to life with Cup to Cup’s suite of services for building your brand. Cup to Cup provides comprehensive brand strategy, brand identity and private label services for emerging and established brands alike.

Cup to Cup’s team of experts bring multi-year experience in multiple areas including business strategy, market analysis, business planning, product guidance, packaging, print and merchandise design.

Brand Strategy

Cup to Cup’s brand strategy services are designed for clients in need of a comprehensive market assessment ahead of investing resources into product creation and launch.

Brand Strategy Services

  1. Market Sizing
  2. Customer Profiling
  3. Competitive Analysis
  4. Strategic Planning
  5. Brand Building Guidelines

Brand Identity & Design

Cup to Cup provides a number of design services to help your brand create beautiful products, packaging and marketing materials to showcase your unique brand identity and vision.

Brand Identity Services

  1. Packaging Design & Prototyping
  2. Print Materials Design
  3. Merchandise Design
  4. Website Design
  5. Multimedia Content Creation - Photography & Video

Private Label Tea & Coffee

Create your own tea or coffee brand seamlessly from picking the best flavors to design, packaging and shipping with Cup to Cup’s private label services. We source high quality tea and coffee and provide provide our clients with a variety of unique packaging and labeling options to bring your brand to life.

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Kiss Tea Cheffrey & Sons Cold Buzz Coffee
Kiss Tea Tin Cheffrey & Sons Spice Tin Cold Buzz Coffee Bag